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Who we are?

Rangrez art gallery is one of the famous art gallery of was formed in 2018.It made its place in a very short period of time in art world. Rangrez art gallery sales art. It has the all collection of artists from old masters to contemporary artists. Rangrez art gallery welcomes shoppers and non-shoppers . Rangrez art gallery serves as a cultural gathering place for those with different artistic tastes to find common ground and gain a sense of idealogical synergy. Another purpose of Rangrez art gallery is to promote art and artists. Whether they are emerging talent or already established artists.we promote their talent to the public at large. The Gallery curated many shows in pakistan and abroad. The Rangrez art Gallery has all types of paintings, sculptures, drawings, calligraphy, contemporary art and figurative work. It has a framing setup also called Framers, which is the biggest framing setup of Pakistan. All types of international standard frames are available here.

Our Shows

Our shows are the reflections of the time, space and causation in the moods of society and culture. Art connects us to the past and it is a continuation of art that we study in archeology. There is a binding force in art that connects the art to the society. It makes links in present, past and future. Rangrez will provoke the instinct to cultivate the relation of art and society. Our shows are the continuation  of art history that is not biased to favor any group or any school of art. Our shows are not delimited to any preconception or any prejudice.

Any Queries?

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We are always here to help the peoples any where in the world.